Contact: helene.cassoudesalle [a]

I’m a Physical Medecine and Rehabilitation specialist, working in the Neurorehabilitation Unit at the University Hospital of Bordeaux. My research generally focuses on evaluation of cognitive dysfunctions after brain injuries, using behavioral assessment, neuroimaging and electrophysiology (EEG / ERP, TMS).

In more detail, after studying the effect of neglect on spatial visuo-auditory conflict with the collaboration of the “ToNIC” neuroimaging center (UMR 1214 – INSERM/University) in Toulouse, my research is currently, under the direction of Patrick DEHAIL, on the assessment of the cumulative effect of repeated cranial impacts during the practice of soccer, which is the most popular sport in the world.

In collaboration with the “Neuroimaging and human cognition” team (INCIA-UMR-CNRS 5287) in Bordeaux, by using multimodal cerebral MRI, we try to identify microstructural, vascular and functional cerebral changes in high-level soccer players based on their exposure to cranial impacts. We will also investigate whether cumulative impacts lead to cortical electrophysiological changes and cognitive alterations. In parallel, we are working with Philippe POISSON to evaluate if wearing a mouthguard could be an interesting prevention tool, in particular by analyzing changes in biomechanics and head motion kinematics during ball heading.