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I obtained my MD degree (Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, 2013) at the University of Bordeaux (France).  I am particularly interested in aphasia, cognitive impairment and post stroke rehabilitation. I collaborated with Pr Gilles RODE and his team (ImpAct team, INSERM U1028, CNRS UMR 5292, Lyon France) to study neglect rehabilitation and prism adaptation.

Another of my research focuses is to predict recovery from post-stroke aphasia, using an anatomo-physiological (Imaging, TMS, EEG/ERP) approaches associated with cognitive assessment, in collaboration with Pr Marina LAGANARO from the university of Geneva, who co-directed my PhD.

I am also interested in Brain Comuter Interfaces BCI used for rehabilitation of motor impairment following a stroke, in collaboration with INRIA / Potioc Team.

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