Welcome to the web site of HACH Handicap Activity Cognition Health – Bordeaux Population Health U1219 INSERM and University of Bordeaux.

Our research focuses, in an inclusive approach, on the handicap of patients suffering from chronic disease from the moment they enter the hospital to their place of living. In this context, we are brought together with the Bordeaux Population Health U1219 INSERM. We are also a founding team of  the clinical topic of the National IFR Handicap (federative institute INSERM / CNRS). Moreover,  a part of the EA4136 team is also attached to the INRIA Phoenix team and another part is closely associated with the INCIA team.

Another area of collaboration encompasses the alliance University of Bordeaux and University of Laval (Québec) and involves rehabilitation science professionals, the use of emerging technologies, and the CIRRIS team.

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